Top 49 Native-Indigenous YouTubers

Check them out!
Check them out!

For almost 8 years now (whenever I was in High School it’s been a while) I’ve been watching YouTube for entertainment and how-tos. Split between Netflix and YouTube I started to crave seeing more faces that represented natives. When I started my search 4-5 years ago most of the videos I ran into about natives were documentaries, news stories., or compilation of pictures. Not very many vloggers, beauty gurus, or just other native faces the click on and watch and relate to.

Luckily now-a-days there are more native faces on YouTube! Below are the ones I have been able to find and watch when ever they post! No order other than the categories. 😉 Subscribe to all of these!


Seukteoma (Vlogger)

“Hon’mana Seukteoma | Southern AZ | O’odham girl
Walking in two worlds, finding myself one day at a time
I love interacting with my natives in a positive way & I love giving back
My channel is for you guys”

CmanVlogga (Vlogger, Singer, Comedian)

“Here you will find a variety of video’s, covering; pow wow’s, vlogs, events,and hand drum songs.
My vlogs will be covering the everyday thoughts and concerns about education, life, family, and random ideas.
So take a look, subscribe, share, comment, give ideas and hang around.”

Dánggad (Vlogger, Day-in-life)
Alaska Native. Native entertainment and discussion.

Jermaine Sam (Vlogger)
“Exploring things That matter to me. #NativeAmerican #LGBTQ #FreeThinker #GayNavajo #GayNativeAmerican #NavajoVlogger #NativeAmericanYoutuber”

Will Smiley (Vlogger)
“Hello! I’m Will, Native American and a lover of anything bacon. Bacon is Life! Everyone should stalk me by subscribing! Peace!”

itsourvlogtv (Vlogger)
“Come follow US around in our Native Lives (hee hee)”

kevindakotaduncan (Vlogger, Day-in-Life)

“Hello my name is Kevin Dakota Duncan
I come from the Arikara, Hidatsa, Mandan & Apache Nations. Come follow my life
I am a Hoop Dancer, Designer/Artist.”

Sally Dosela (Vlogger, Singer)

‘My name is Kristen Sally Dosela.. Call me Sally.
I am Native American. My tribes are Apache, Pima and Navajo.. :)”

Kristy Auger (Vlogger)

Alyse Marrietta (Vlogger)
Native American Vlogger

Nicole Martinez (Vlogger)

MyBusyWifeLife (Vlogger)
“Im a SAHM, I love having my home organized and at the same time creating a minimalist lifestyle for my family. Watch me organize and watch us downsize.”

Stacey Thunder (Vlogger)

JD Dalton (Vlogger)

Hey awesome people of the internet! You can call me JD and just for reading this I would like to say thank you and I hope all is well! 🙂 I consider this channel to be a hobby where I just have my thoughts and experiences to share.

I am a visually impaired, Hopi Native American with albinism, and I am not straight. I like to run, drink tea, cook, play piano, make art, most of all I love meeting new people! I CANNOT find a more awesome community than here on YouTube!!! I have fun making new friends so feel free to join me on this awesome adventure! :)”

Native Language

Crystal Starr (Native Language, Beauty Guru)
“I’m Athabascan, Yup’ik & Colville. I enjoy many different ways of expressing my creativity through my traditional and contemporary art. Experimenting with hair and makeup is also another form of self expression that I’ve always been drawn to.
I’m part of the Native Max Magazine family as a Beauty Editor. As a teenager I enjoyed Fashion and Beauty magazines. The only thing missing was seeing Native American Indian women on the glossy pages. I felt invisible to main stream society. So today I share my research, experience and knowledge of beauty geared towards our incomparable Native Sisters, Daughters, Aunties and Grandmothers.”

Cutcha Risling Baldy (Native Language, Vlogger)

daybreakwarrior (Native Language)
“Welcome to my channel. This channel is basically a collection of Navajo language related videos along with a collection of my favorite videos found across the interweb! Enjoy internetland, enjoy!”

Haida Langauge Learners (Native Langauge)
;o) can you tell the writer of this blog is Haida? haha

“Our focus will be nouns, sounds, and short common phrases in Haida. We will also make informational videos as time goes on.”

haidawood (Native Language)
Haidawood makes stop motion animated movies in the endangered Haida language (Xaad Kil).

Kapol Paul (Native Language)

Puyallup Tribal Language Program (Native Language)

“txʷəlšucid is the official language of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians. This is a YouTube Channel run by the Puyallup Tribe of Indians Language Department. Be sure to check out our website at and our Facebook page at”

Seiga Liimii McIntyre (Native Language)

waȟaŋ ečhiŋ wiŋyaŋ (Native Language)
“HI! My name is waȟaŋ ečhiŋ wiŋyaŋ (Mystic Wondering Woman) or you can call me Megan. Every week I throw out a Lakota word of the week video. I include the definition, spelling and a fun fact involved with the word. Thanks to Lakota Language Consor for the Lakota dictionary and providing the ability to self teach it. Be sure to check out their site to learn more about Lakota languages and be sure to check out my other sites as well for artwork and such done by me.
If I mispronounce a word please leave a video comment! Thank you!”

X_aad Kíl (Native Language)
Haida Langauge taught by Linda Schrack!

X̱ʼunei Lance Twitchell (Native Language, Education, Elder Interviews)
“Gunalchéesh haat yigoodí! Lingít yoo x̱ʼatángi yís áyá yáatʼaa. Haa léelkʼu hás yís, haa yoo x̱ʼatángi sh too tooltóow. Haa dachx̱ánxʼi yan yís, yéi jigax̱toonéi.
Yee gu.aa yáx̱ xʼwán!
This is a channel dedicated to the speakers, learners, ancestors, and descendants of the Tlingit language. It is managed by X̱ʼunei (Lance A. Twitchell), Assistant Professor of Alaska Native Languages at the University of Southeast Alaska.
This channel contains clips from colleagues, links to student projects, original creations in the language or about Norhtwest Coast Art, and recorded sessions with fluent speakers who are generous enough to give us some of their time and energy.”


the1491s (Comedy)

“the 1491s are a sketch comedy group based in the wooded ghettos of Minnesota and buffalo grass of Oklahoma. They are a gaggle of Indians chock full of cynicism and splashed with a good dose of indigenous satire. They coined the term All My Relations, and are still waiting on the royalties. They were at Custer’s Last Stand. They mooned Chris Columbus when he landed. They invented bubble gum. the 1491s teach young women to be strong. And teach young men how to seduce these strong women.”

Gohk Hapoth (Comedy)

ABC Indigenous (Comedy)

“Over nearly thirty years, the ABC Indigenous department has become the centre of excellence for production of Indigenous Australian television and the development of Indigenous filmmakers in Australia. The first ABC Indigenous produced show was ‘Blackout’, followed by ‘Kam Yam’, ‘Songlines’, and ‘Message Stick’ which ran for 14 seasons.” – ABC Indigenous YouTube



Beauty Gurus

Dev Duwyenie (Beauty Guru)

Gabrielle Patten (Beauty Guru, Vlogger)


TheCatKng (Artist)

Qwalsius (Artist)


Tsimshian singer!

DARKSPARK OFFICIAL (Education, Singer)

This fall, arts education program Darkspark ( teamed up with a large Grade 8 class at the incredible Quinte Mohawk School on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. A grant from the Ontario Arts Council made the dream of producing, co-writing, recording and releasing an EP with a group of QMS students possible. These 12-13 year olds wrote with a single mission: inspiring change within their communities and their country.
All songs and videos posted on this page were written and shot by the students at the Quinte Mohawk School in support of their EP Four Direction, scheduled for release on March 10th, 2015. Pre-order the album here at and follow the Four Direction journey at

I Sing. You Dance. (Singer)

Jordan Mowat (Singer)
“Aaniin, Hello. I’m Jordan Mowat and I’m an Ojibwe boy who wishes to pursue his dream in music. Subscribe to my channel for covers, original songs, powwow, and maybe the odd funny video ;)”

PAMYUA (Singers)


Babo Education (Education)


Tony Devlin (Documentarian)

Morgan Howard (Documentarian)
“Morgan Howard Productions is a full-service communication company with services in video, web, print and multimedia. We work closely with our clients; addressing their concerns and providing successful communication solutions.
MHP specializes in communicating for Alaska Native Corporations and Native American businesses. We have extensive knowledge of Native culture and unique access to sources of information.”

EVIL Patrick Shannon (Documentarian)


IndianCountryToday (news)

Haida Media Network (news)

Sealaska Kwaan (News)

“Sealaska has strengthened business with culture since 1972. We are a Native institution owned by more than 21,000 tribal member shareholders and guided by our traditions of environmental stewardship and positively impacting our communities.”

Vision Maker Media (news)

Vision Maker Media shares Native stories with the world that represent the cultures, experiences, and values of American Indians and Alaska Natives.


Aaron2Point0 (Day-in-Life)
Dancing, Speaches and More.

Alfie Price (Day-in-life)

Southeast Alaska Native photographer!

vetiraq (Day-in-Life)
“I am from the Tsimshian tribe out of Metlakatla, Alaska. I am Ganhada or Raven Clan. Most of my videos are of dance groups from Metlakatla, Alaska.”

If you are thinking about starting a YouTube channel please do! Your voice is important and someone will be able to relate to you. I personally have two YouTube channels snuck up in the list one for my native language and the other for fun and used to show what it’s like being native, learning my language, and just being a young person in my 20s. It has been a fun to share this with my family and friends. I’ve been able to make new friends through this too!

Subscribe to all these channels if you don’t have a youtube here is a link on how to create an account!

Please share your favorite YouTubers I need more natives to subscribe to!

– Susie

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  1. Hello. I was wondering if you might know how to contact Kristen Sally Dosela. I would like to have her permission to use one of her designs. Thank you.


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