Natives on YouTube: Five Videos

1. “Unearthing the Old Village”

This video was made in Nal hl uuk . In the video they talk about errotion on Alaska’s shore lines and about the scientists that are exovating it. The video is beutifully shot and awesome music to go alone with it

I love at the end when the head archioloist talks about talking to the elders and community members. And how this work is positivly effecting their lives!

2. “Reviving the Tradition of Skin-Stitched Tattoos”

Video on women working on reviving Iñupiaq (Alaska Native) tradition of skin-Stitching. They explore why they are reviving it.

3. “12 Things Not to say to depressed people”

Mental health is a topic I like to keep updated on so I can better understand how other people see the world and how I can support them. Marinashutup is a feminist YouTuber and each time she puts out a new video my world opens up to a new way of thinking. She does it from a minority’s point of view which can be hard to find at times. In this video “12 things not to say to depressed people” I learned what not to say when people are depressed!

She also follow’s up with
“RE: have you been diagnosed?”

She addresses a comment that asked if she was really diagnosed as depressed. Than she goes on and talks about mental health about why people may not be diagnosed and also how sometimes health professionals don’t understand marginalized groups of people.

4. “Twulshootseed Big Foot Hunters” Puyallup Tribal Language

Well this video won my heart I love big foot stories! Every documentary on big foot I’ve watched… I like how how fun they are making language learning!!! Watch watch! This week they were looking for big foot!

5. “YOU CAN DO IT! | Seukteoma”
Native American YouTuber! This is an inparational video if you need some extra encouragement! “If you want to start your own YouTube channel. You can do it!”

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