5 Native Women on YouTube

Share and help get more native entertainment to natives.

       1. Seukteoma | Oʼodham

Seukteomaʼs videos are entertaining and culturally enriched! She makes them on current native issues, her experiences in college, and has an awesome dialog about her identity!

  1. Emily Sera | Shoshone

Emily’s videos are about her journey to being an actor and makes videos on native issues or life. She also has lived in Germany so even has videos in German!

  1. Sheyenne Sky | Diné

Sheyenne makes videos for the modern native artist and how to market art. She also makes  videos on current native issues and life.

  1. ThatOodhamGirl | Oodham

ThatOodhamGirl’s vlogs are just plain fun to watch her go through her days!

  1. Matika Wilbur | Swinomish/Tulalip

Matika Wilbur is a photographer that you make recognize from Project 562 to document every tribe in America. Her videos are intimately looking into each culture’s traditions.

BONUS: Dánggad | Haida

;o) I have a channel as well if you are willing to subscribe to one more youtuber!

Please share this blog to help get these fantastic YouTubers more subscribers!


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